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Find out why smart real estate investing is better than traditional investments like stocks, bonds, savings accounts and even your 401K. Learn how you can reach your financial and retirement goals in less than half the time of your peers.

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Who should read this book?

This is not a “get rich quick” book. This book is written for the average person who is tired of the volatility of the stock market and low interest rates paid by savings accounts and CDs. It is for the person who wants financial security and a stable monthly income. It’s for the person who wants to be able to retire early! It’s for the person who wants to be able to leave assets to their children and grandchildren rather than burn through their retirement savings. It’s for the investor who is looking for a more secure, steady, and predictable vehicle that will produce great returns.

Real estate is that vehicle. So many people run away from it because they don’t understand it. My aim with this book is to deepen your understanding of real estate, help you determine if it’s a vehicle you want to utilize, and be a guide for you as you begin your journey to financial freedom. So, when the title says, “fast lane,” it doesn’t mean you’ll get rich overnight, but the methods in this book can get you to financial freedom much faster than the traditional means of investing in a 401K and a traditional retirement account of stocks and mutual funds.

Why should you read this book?

You're tired of volatility in the stock market. 

Real estate is a more secure, steady and predictable vehicle that will produce great returns. 

You want financial

This books details how to turn your real estate investments into a steady monthly income. 

You want to
retire early. 

Gain the financial freedom to retire much faster than traditional 401ks and retirement accounts. 


I've been asked many times for referral to a good beginner's real estate book. This is it! The methods discussed match closely with what I've done since 1968 in building financial freedom in real estate, so I know this works. The author gives a good balanced view of the trade-offs in investing, rather than the hoopla of many trainer / gurus. And he includes excellent tips on maintaining key relationships in life, rather than making the "just get rich" mistake. Not only does the author cover key elements in the acquisition of property, but he has great tips on the crucial management phase too. The book includes solid insights for "doing it right" in all the phases of investing, from "self-preparation" to finding the right deal, to financing, to holding title, property management, to finding the right partnerships / team, and continuing to build your dream. Good reading!

Allan S. 

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